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Different Ways to Receive Life Coaching

As someone who is interested in life coaching, you may be curious about the different options when it comes to your coaching sessions. I offer tailored-to-you sessions using the best options for your life and goals.

Face-to-Face coaching is always available at my office location. These appointments are a bit more time limited due to my hours at the physical location and appointment availability. I like these appointments best for new clients in the north Georgia area. These appointments make it easier for us to get to know each other and design the coaching relationship best for reaching your goals.

Phone coaching sessions are very similar to in-person sessions, but without the personal aspect of being able to physically see each other. These sessions will last the same amount of time, yet are easier to schedule during later times of the day and even weekends. This option offers you the ease of having sessions in your own home, at your perfect time(s), without the constraints of driving to the physical location, or even getting out of your pajamas.

Online video sessions work the same as in-person sessions yet with the ease of phone coaching. These sessions can be scheduled later in the day and on weekends, on your video platform of choice, making them easy to fit into your schedule, and still no pants required! :)

Texting has become a popular form of communication, so why not receive your coaching session via texts as well? Texting sessions are normally reserved for long term clients who may not need sessions as detailed as new clients would. Texting can be used for clients who need to touch base to make sure they are still on target for their goals, update me on the choices they've made and progress afterward, and those who are coming to the end of their coaching requirements. I also use this form of communication (and e-mail) to check in with clients who may have missed their scheduled appointments or haven't scheduled new appointments for quite some time.

Which option works best for you? Whatever your choice, feel free to contact me and we can discuss your needs and work out a schedule that works best for your growth and success.

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